When You Know, You Know.

As a girl who hates rom coms, and has never seen (and doesn't plan to see) The Notebook, this post might seem a little unexpected. I'm not really one for gushing and going all soppy over anything let alone anyone. However, I was reading Chloe's blog recently and stumbled across this lovely post about why we should be unashamed to talk about love. It got me super inspired to write a lil somethin' about the human that's been brightening my days. There's a lot to thank you for, and the list below is by no means exhaustive.

For bringing me toast in the bath when I'm poorly.
For the time we were cleaning up our apartment after the fire and you put on a Spotify playlist, in which each song had the word fire somewhere in it and slowly waited for me to work out that's what was happening (it took me AGES). Talk about making the best of a bad situation.
For signing for all my ASOS parcels. And there's been a LOT.
For being endlessly supportive of my creative endeavours, even if that means you giving up hours of time to help me shoot content.
For not minding too much every time I buy something pink for the flat.
For being my best friend and the easiest person in the world to get along with.
For pretending to like Gilmore Girls when I got addicted and wanted to watch it every night. And for getting addicted yourself - my fault.
And on the subject of Gilmore Girls, for tolerating me every single time I decided it would be appropriate to sing the theme tune (badly) at the top of my lungs.
For remembering to water all our plants, because I never do.
For not minding when you were trying to quietly appreciate the art at the gallery, whilst I was making up memes for every damn painting I saw.
For making the best scrambled eggs in MCR.


Happy Valentine's Day, ya massive cutie. I love you.

* I did wanna put a cute pic of us here but it turns out we are both basic AF and our only pictures together have the dog filter on them. Let's work on that.

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