Blogger's Secret Santa 2016

I took part in Serena's blogger version of secret santa this year, and wanted to show you guys my cute lil' gifts! The lovely Lauren got me (I will link her at the end of the post) some amazing presents* considering the £8 budget - hope you didn't go too much over you cheeky thing!

I got some beautiful homeware bits, as well as both food and drink (what's not to love!?). I can't wait to get some little postcard sized prints to hang from the picture rope, v instagrammable so expect to see it on my 'gram in the near future! The chocolate coins have now been devoured and jasmine green tea? Literally my FAVE drink. I don't know how you knew Lauren but thank you!!

We HAVE to talk about my most fave gift in the box, that gorgeous little hamsa hand jewellery catchall. The best part is, the bottom is copper so it goes in our bedroom perfectly! (Expect to see a copper-themed home accessories blog post v soon)

I know Serena will be writing a post linking to all of the bloggers and their secret santa gifts very soon, so I'd recommend keeping an eye on her blog. I can't wait to see all of them!

Thank you Serena for organising, and THANK YOU Lauren for the loveliest box of goodies ever - you angel!

Lauren's links: twitter | instagram | blog


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