Earning Extra Cash // Selling Apps

Picture the scene, there's still 2 weeks left to payday and you're running a little low on funds. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us! I use two selling apps, Depop & Vinted. 

They're super easy to navigate and use, and allow me to keep my wardrobe decluttered (and help me feel a lil' bit less guilty when I go on a shopping binge). Depop allows you to sell pretty much ANYTHING and payments are processed through Paypal (you receive the money instantly). Vinted is slightly different in that it is purely fashion and beauty, and the money you make is stored safely within your Vinted wallet, which you then pay 50p per withdrawal to your bank account. I've had far more success selling on Vinted than Depop, and Vinted's customer service team are a bunch of angels!

As a general rule, if I'm getting less then £5 for it, I just take it to the charity shop. You can walk into any charity shop with a carrier bag full of goodies and simply drop it off.. it's as easy as that! If you're still looking to get a little bit of cash for your lower value clothing items, cash4clothes will pick up your bags of old clothes, or you could trade in a bag of clothes at H&M and grab yourself a £5 voucher!

Below are a few of the items I'm selling at the moment. If you also have Depop or Vinted, leave your usernames below - I'm always up for swapping!
*All prices above include 2nd class postage

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