Desigual // IRL Snapchat Filters

Did you guys see Desigual at NYFW?! I love the fashion at catwalk shows during fashion week, not because I'm a fully-fledged fashionista who sits on the FROW, nodding and taking pictures, but just because some of the looks are just plain bizarre. The part of fashion week that I love is seeing how high street brands take inspiration and note from collections and translate this into actually wearable collections. Soz, as much as I am about that sloth life, I'm not about to start wearing my bed to work (if you don't know which infamous look I'm referring to, click here).

ANYWAY Desigual combined social media with real life and had their models sporting IRL snapchat filters. I. LOVE. THIS - did the caps give it away? See below for the models' take compared with the actual filters, as modelled by the Kardashian clan - because who knows more about selfies? No-one.






Reckon they'll catch on? I'm not so sure..

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