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So today's post is all about Romwe. One of those international sites you're never quite sure whether to order from. What's the sizing like? The quality? Will I be charged import taxes? I've spoken to loads of people who have expressed these types of concerns so I'm here to give you good news - you should TOTALLY order from the likes of Romwe and SheInside. You can get cute quirky unique pieces which aren't in shops here, and amazing Topshop/Zara/designer dupes of really popular pieces. The prices are really great, shipping is usually either FREE or super reasonable, and you're never charged import taxes.

I grabbed a mini haul of assorted tops the other night, and they're due to arrive in no more than 10 business days, so please follow my insta here to see pics when they arrive! Each item above was £10 or less, so what I'd definitely consider a steal! Can't wait to receive them and style them up. 

Have you ever bought anything from an international website? Let me know!


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