10 Observations // Moving Out


Sorry for the extremely sporadic posting lately, a couple of months ago I moved out of my parents and into my new apartment in Manchester. Expect a lil photo tour at some point (aka when I've figured out how to use the vacuum). I wanted to make a quick post with some observations I've made from living away from home, which maybe you could relate to - or if you haven't moved away from home yet - maybe give you an idea of what it's like!

1 - If you want mac and cheese and/or curly fries six nights in a row for tea, no-one can stop you. Aside from maybe your conscience, but I'm not about that sensible life. Who's with me?

2 - Your Asda delivery guy will become your new bezzie (shoutout to Alan, you da bomb)

3 - You will ALWAYS forget to buy toilet roll until it’s (almost) too late. How do I go through it so fast!?

4 - God bless the inventor of the dishwasher, the most marvellous invention of our time. This will be the fourth time we've had someone come to try and fix ours since we moved here, so god bless dishwasher repair men too.

5 - It’s inevitable that at some point  just before payday you will choose to revert back to student mode and live off baked beans (or in my case, chickpeas) for a week in order to justify that rather large ASOS order you just made - oops!

6 - There’s literally nothing wrong with buying value range products from the supermarket (and sorry, but if you disagree you’re a snob).

7 - If it’s not a blouse, it’s not getting ironed.

8 - Make sure you plan ahead and get wifi set up as close to your move in date as possible. Being stuck without wifi is LESS than ideal. There's only so many times in a row I can watch Napoleon Dynamite on DVD.

9 - You will probably choose extra layers over putting the heating on. Cheaper bills AND you can showcase your extensive jumper collection, win/win.

10 - Moving out is actually a fab opportunity to review all your clothes and various other belongings. If you’ve not used/worn it in a year, it has to go. Sell it, donate it, recycle it; whatever you decide to do, you’ll be pleased you’re not carting 21(+) years worth of junk to your new place.


Thanks for reading! Can you relate to any of these, or do you have any observations you'd add to the list? I'd love to hear from you.


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