My New Job // PLT Wishlist

Hey lovelies,

You might have caught my last blog post but if you didn't, I got offered a job at, which I am SUPER stoked about! To celebrate, I made the oh so predictable move of creating a wishlist - enjoy!

The trousers and blouse are perfect for a slightly more profesh look, so ideal for work! I'd probably pair them with some lace up pumps or chunky brogues. The bodysuit is defo NSFW haha, but beautiful all the same!

Ah how perfect would the shift dress and those little boots go together!? Such an easy to throw on outfit, giving off serious boho vibes! And again with the underwear, not work attire but a little cheeky garm I might have to treat myself to.

Grey satin bomber // Paisley sheer dress // Metallic skirt

Since buying my pink bomber from ASOS, it's literally ALL I've worn, so I can see myself picking up a grey one soon! I love a good metallic piece, and a-line skirts are the most flattering for my body shape aka small waist and chunky butt (sponsored by hash browns and burritos). I'm a little unsure of just how sheer the paisley dress is and how a black bralet would look underneath, but I'd definitely have a go at styling it!

You might have noticed I've got myself a little bit of a colour palette obsession, in the form of pink, grey, white and black. I love sticking to these colours, and occasionally throwing a hint of something patterned for interest.

Have you got your eye on anything from PLT at the moment? Expect to be seeing a lot more of this brand on my blog!


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