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Aaargh, how bloody CUTE is everything at Lazy Oaf!? I don't usually go for a colourful pallete when dressing, but I do love a statement piece, or something a little quirky that adds interest to a look. Cue Lazy Oaf, and their ever expanding range of quirky art-inspired pieces.

I'm currently on my dinner at work and in my happy place (at my desk, eating a sandwich, and online shopping OBV), and wanted to put together a lil' wishlist to inspire you guys!

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Textured, stitched, emblazoned with princess (AKA what I am), could this little tee get anymore perfect? *insert crown emoji here* I'm also a long time lover of denim (especially oversized denim), and this badass number with the patches and leopard detailing is right up my street. The tee and pants on the right are the stuff of pastel dreams with a little sassy edge. I love wearing ridiculous phrases on my shirt, my 'Bugger Off' tee from ASOS has started many a convo.

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I love the black version of the textured crop just as much as the pink version, and after seeing it on HannahLouiseF, it became even MORE of an obsession. That pinafore dress is so me, I like pink, pinafores, cats, and looking hella cute. As for the 'Pain in the Ass' tee, need I say any more? Probably not.

1 // 2 // 3

Okay so lastly, onto the accessories. I never knew I needed a peach pin badge until I saw this one, and now I NEED A PEACH PIN BADGE. Have you ever seen anything cuter? The grid print bag is pretty rad and something I feel would complement my current wardrobe well. And as for those glasses *insert like four thousand heart eye emojis here*

Have you got your eye on anything from Lazy Oaf? I'd love to know!


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