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Sorry for the absence around these parts lately, I just moved city and started a new job so things are a little hectic right now.

I wanted to write a quick post to tell you all about a group on Facebook that some lovely friends started, which is something I've not heard of before and think is a FAB idea! The group is called Be My Stylist and in a nutshell, allows you to post OOTDs or questions and get feedback and advice from a lovely little community of fashion-lovers. 

Not only does the group focus on fashion, but hair and beauty too - so there's something for everyone (said the girl who literally NEVER does her hair, guilty)! I don't know about you, but I love having a sneaky peek at other people's OOTDs and hearing about their latest bargains, it always inspires me to change up my own wardrobe.

Probably the best thing about this group are the admins, the lovely Dee and Mehreen who constantly monitor and edit the group. They ensure it's a safe, friendly and constructive environment to ask for genuine styling advice. BMS is an inclusive community and you don't need to be a professional blogger - it's for everyone! The purpose of the group is to encourage creativity and individuality, and build confidence - which I personally think are fantastic objectives.



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