BAFTAs Fashion Review

As I say with every fashion review I publish, I'm not into the whole 'best and worse dressed' thing. I am simply blogging the looks which captured my attention and inspired me. I'm all about individual style, and I'm so not about putting other people down for the way they choose to dress. 

Oookay, serious part over. Let's go!

There were embellishments galore on the BAFTAs red carpet, satisfying my inner magpie, and providing me with some serious inspo for my graduation dress. 

Anna looked super beautiful and bridal with a demure white dress heavily embellished with beads. Amanda and Michelle both looked like real-life princesses with flowing dresses, again featuring heavy embellishment. Michelle's hair is absolutely heavenly, please can someone teach me to fishtail plait!?

Kara, Rochelle and Lucy all opted for barely-there figure skimming gowns, which looked so beautiful and elegant. I particularly love Lucy's 90's inspired dress, the metallic fabric adds a cool edge to the outfit, and that smoky eye is EVERYTHING.

All in all, I was super impressed by the fashions at the BAFTAs, the simple colour palettes and heavy embellishments made for some simple but beautiful dresses.

Finally, shoutout to one of the coolest humans in British culture - Grayson Perry. His zany and stereotypically feminine outfit raised eyebrows and turned heads on the red carpet. I watched his recent documentary (Grayson Perry: All Man) exploring the construct of masculinity and it really resonated with me, having just completed my dissertation on young men's experiences of depression and masculinity. Grayson is an endlessly fascinating human being, who combines psychology, art and various other mediums to challenge societal views and norms and there's nothing more rad than that.

Lots of love!

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