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Hi guys!

Hope you're all good - I'm in a super good mood as I write this because today is the first day off from all my uni work I've given myself in what feels like FOREVER. I'm planning on blogging, and spending most of my day in a horizontal position.

Anyway, back to the good stuff. Amphora Aromatics, who I've had the pleasure of working with before, contacted me recently and asked if they could send me a sample of their facemasks, from new range Ooharr. Very cleverly named because they're super relaxing and make you go 'ooh!arr!' haha. I'm going to come clean now, I'd never used a facemask before. I know, shock horror. You read all these horror stories about people's skin turning green or burning so I just usually stay away and stick to classic skincare brands sold on the high street.

However, I'm really happy I decided to try these out! I received one of each of the three masks they sell and I've only used one so far, and wow did it make my skin super soft, And I won't lie to you, I do enjoy the whole process of picking/washing it off. I used the Star Glow skin polisher mask. I washed my face and applied the mask while it was still damp and then left it on for 20 minutes. The smell was incredible with vanilla and honey tones coming through, and after washing it off I could smell my own face for the rest of the evening.  Bit of a weird one, I know.

The other masks sound great too. Dead Sea Cooler sounds like the sort of mask you'd get if you went to a spa and had a facial. It contains teatree, witch hazel and dead sea salts, all of which are known for having fantastic benefits for your skin. Rosie Glows contains palmarosa oil (very similar to rose oil) so I can't wait to try that one out and walk round with a face that smells like turkish delight. 

These masks retail at only £1.20 each which is absolutely fab, and Amphora Aromatics have introduced a new feature on their website that gives you points to spend on their products. You get points for buying products and also just for leaving reviews! 

Thank you Amphora Aromatics, you've converted me to being a face mask user and I'll definitely be purchasing once I've used these!

Are you a fan of face masks? Have you tried Ohharr's? As always I'd love to know what you guys think.


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