I Turned 21 // Favourite Gifts


On Valentine's Day it was my birthday and I celebrated in the most typically me way. I stayed home with my favourite people (can't deal with restaurants full of couples right now) and ate all my favourite food.  I just wanted to show you guys a few of my favourite birthday presents, absolutely NOT in a bragging way, but more because I love being nosey and having a little look at other people's gift posts! 

Okay so first we have to talk about the best present of them all, which I have been calling 'a year's supply of rhubarb & custard sweets' because the tub is pretty huge. Sadly (and quite embarrassingly) though, there's about 10 left and I literally got them three weeks ago. What can I say? Haribo make the best sweets. I've never met a Haribo I didn't like. Apart from cola bottles, they can just leave.

I was supposed to insert a picture here, but as I'm sure you can imagine, 7 sweets in the bottom of a huge plastic tub doesn't make for a very aesthetically-pleasing pic.

I've been lusting after that bedding for a while now. Every blogger and her dog seems to be raving about it on insta, and it's not hard to see why. This super seventies print is so dreamy, can't wait to get this on my bed!

My sister got me the sweetest present, she bought me my own star! I have the official papers and I get to name it. I'm not sure what to call it yet, if anyone has any suggestions let me know. I've been fascinated and obsessed in equal measure by outer space and all that it holds for as long as I can remember, and this is such a spot-on present for me!

My best friend knows me all too well and she is actually a pro gifter. Look at these gorgeous mermaid-themed bits from New Look! This cup has been my go-to for the last week as I'm trying to drink more water (30 day water challenge coming soon) so I've been drinking in style!

She also got me this gorgeous bag I've been eyeing up! I saw it in the Primark window in Huddersfield and we popped in for a cheeky look, but it wasn't meant to be and I left empty-handed. Actually, I tell a lie, I bought a candle just because it was in a paisley print pot - told you I had an addiction. ANYWAY here it is, heart eye emojis all the way.

I need to mention 2 of the perfumes I got because they are insanely yummy-smelling. So Nicki Minaj isn't really on my radar, she's cool I guess, but I don't know a lot about her or listen to her. I got her perfume 'The Pink Print' and it's my new fave above all others ever. Think fruity combined with coconut, and the scent lasts all day. Winner winner chicken dinner. I've not said that in ages, and I predict I won't be saying it again for a very long time (I'm sorry). The second perfume I want to mention is the Hello Kitty fragrance from none other than Marks & Spencer, surprising I know. This may or may not be a children's perfume. It smells super fruity, tropical and kind of like melon, so it's a really sweet and pleasant fragrance. Plus the bottle is super cute, so that helps!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and again I just want to reiterate this post is not intended to be braggy. What's on your birthday wishlist?


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