My Top Picks // NTA's 2016

*EDIT: I just found this in my drafts because I wrote it weeks ago and like a complete spanner I forgot to schedule. Sorry for the lateness of this post!*

Okay so last week the NTA's happened and whilst I like watching the awards, I'm more interested in what everybody's wearing. I had a look on the usual fashion sites to grab some pictures, and just couldn't believe how many of the articles were slating some of the celebrities outfit choices. It's disgusting to brand someone 'worst dressed' or a 'fashion fail'. What we wear is our own personal taste and not everybody has to like it. We should be empowering women (and men!) to make bold choices and be proud of their tastes but instead massive media outlets such as online magazines and newspapers make it okay to slate someone for an item of clothing they choose to wear. Gross.

Anyway, mini rant OVER! I just wanted to show you guys my top picks from the awards, so here goes..

 Jorgie Porter looks so badass, there's nothing I don't love about her look. Her sheer dress is glittery (big glitter fan right here) and flowy, and she is cinched in at the waist to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette. So, so cool.

So I didn't know who Heida Reed was when I first saw her, but hers has to be my favourite look of the whole awards. She looks absolutely stunning, the cut and colour of that dress are so flattering and sexy. I always think sexy is such a cringey word and that's probably the first and last time I'll ever use it!

Hello queen of Big Brother, Emma Willis. I know I featured her last year, and I will probably feature her again next year. I promise there's no favouritism but just look at her! She looks absolutely beautiful in a satin structured dress and as if it weren't amazing enough already, it has POCKETS. 

Look at this monochromatic bunch! Firstly Maisie Williams kills this simple but dressy look. The tulle skirt is something that I'd usually think overly girly, but she pairs it with a super simple black body and muted accessories for a cool look.

Oh Caroline, you are an absolute babe. I can't get enough of her sixties-inspired style, and I'm actually in the process of putting together a style inspo blog post. Her red lip goes perfectly with this black mini with white collar and scallop detailing, and I. Love. This. Look.

Slightly unlikely style icon Amanda Holden looks very chic, I adore the sheer detailing of the top part of her dress, and that leg slit just makes me want to use the fire emoji. She looks GOOD.

Which fashions were you loving at the NTA's!? I'd love to hear your opinions as always!


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