My January

I've decided to write a little summary at the end of each month, as I'm hoping 2016 is going to be the biggest year yet for me, and I'd love to be able to look back on it in a year and be proud of myself! I'm turning 21, finishing my final year project, meeting a million deadlines, graduating uni and moving to somewhere new to start adventures all by myself. Here's hoping, anyway!

January has been really difficult for me as unresolved relationship issues continue to affect my happiness but it's just a part of life and I guess if any positive has come out of it I'm a little bit stronger than I was before. I've learnt to deal with things on my own and even if I do say so myself, I reckon I'm at least 10% a tougher cookie than I was!

I've been doing a lot of research and networking on LinkedIn, getting my name out there and building up my CV. I really am SO ready to leave the world of education. It's funny to think I have been in education my whole life, I really can't wait to leave university and have my time back. People joke about being a student and how few hours they actually spend in uni but being a student is a 24/7 commitment. If you have a day off from doing work, you feel guilty and work is constantly on your mind. At least with a full-time job, once you're home for the night your time is your own! 

Speaking of uni work, this month has been particularly boring because really all I've done is stay in my pajamas (although I do have a pretty nice collection of pajamas!) 5 days a week working all day on my seemingly endless list of assignments. I've been conducting interviews for my final year project, I've been researching mental health statistics and theories about stigma, it really has seemed never-ending. The other 2 days a week, I've been in uni at lectures.

So as you can see, January has just been about putting the hard work in and hopefully come April/May that will pay off. Sometimes it can be disheartening scrolling through insta and getting some serious feelings of FOMO, seeing everybody else having fun while I'm stuck in my small student house feeling very uncreative and uninspired just ploughing on with the same work day after day, but I do have lots of fun stuff planned to keep me sane over the next couple of months in between doing my work. 

Shoutout to all students in their final year of uni, absolutely drowning in a sea of deadlines and research papers. Remember to take a break every so often, your health is so important. Good luck with everything!


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