February 2016

Thankfully my February has been slightly easier than my January. My relationship problems have reached a (semi) resolution so at least I can attempt to focus on other things now. 

I've been working on my Pinterest (read: procrastinating) a LOT over February and I'm going to create some blog posts showing my boards, I can't wait for you guys to see them! If you use Pinterest and want me to check out your boards please let me know your username in the comments.

On Valentine's day I turned 21 (look out for a birthday blog post!) and I had a lovely few days around my birthday spent with family and friends eating so much home-cooked goodness, I'm surprised I didn't start life as a 21 year old being the size of a small car.

On Friday I was dressed in my sassiest dressing gown (white and pink leopard print don't ya know) armed with my landline, mobile phone and mac with 4 different ticket websites constantly refreshing and dialling and managed to bag myself tickets to see Catfish & the Bottlemen in April which I am SUPER stoked about. I'd promise you a blog post on that but we all know my photography skills aren't up to much, especially in the dark in a crowd of people, with a few drinks inside me. But feel free to follow my insta (@paisley.stripes) for a couple of cheeky videos and a snap or two!

This month I've pretty much made the transition and moved back home to Doncaster, my lectures have pretty much finished in Huddersfield so there's just no need to be there anymore. Might as well be at home with my extensive onesie collection and a fully-stocked fridge (thanks Mum!)

I'm expecting March to be much the same as this month (minus the birthday thanks, time's going too fast as it is), full of uni work and eating too much food. It'll be worth it for my degree though, and to anyone else reading this who is currently bed/sofa/library bound writing a dissertation, I feel you, and I wish you luck and endless packets of sweets.


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