Goodbye 2015


So for the end of 2015, I wanted to do a slightly different blog post. I don't want to get too heavy, but in recent months I've had a really hard time and I've found myself spending more and more time on social media and comparing myself and my life to other peoples. I feel like blogging and other social media forms have taken a dark turn and it's about being the best, instead of sharing passions and inspiration with others. So many bloggers seem to photoshop their images to perfection and it's hard to remember sometimes that everybody has flaws. It's widely accepted and discussed among society that forms of media such as magazines and television can be damaging to young people, but I feel like blogging has become just as dangerous. With this in mind (and with my little rant over) I want to share with you guys some of my favourite insta accounts, belonging to people who have amazing attitudes and provide inspiration and share girl power. These are the kinds of people I believe everyone should take note from, and be inspired by - I know I am!

Amy Ashmore - I read one of Amy's blog posts recently (read here) which I related to so much, and feel a lot of other girls probably would, too! Amy is all about promoting girl power and self belief/confidence and I'm SO about that. @fashion.nymphomaniac

Charlotte Hole - If I could only follow one insta (in some weird one-insta policy parallel universe), it would be Charlotte's. She's super lovely, has an amazing quirky style and comes across as such a grounded and down-to-earth girl. She's currently travelling in Asia, and giving me serious holiday envy! @ch32

Amy Spencer - Aaagh I absolutely LOVE Amy. She is hilarious and stylish in equal measures. I love a good read through her blog, she serves up serious outfit inspo and makes you do big belly laughs at the same time, what a babe. @little_magpie1

Mika Francis - I recently stumbled across Mika's youtube channel and fell in love! She's honest, pure, down-to-earth and super interesting. I love her unique personal style and positive attitude. @mikafrancis

Zusterschap - When Zusterschap first launched, I was lucky enough to be involved and contribute to a piece they wrote. It's a feminist lifestyle blog run by Tara and Katherine, and provides interesting insights and inspiration on a daily basis. Well worth a follow, I've learnt so much and I'm grateful to the girls for spending their time running a positive blog which supports and educates. @zusterschap

Lily Melrose - Lily's youtube has been my favourite for a long time now. She's always been so honest and open, and as well as showcasing the raddest outfits and GRWM videos (a personal fave!), she discusses life issues including those that aren't always positive. Lily has always stayed true and never acted superior, which I've found a lot of other bloggers doing. @llymlrs

Chrissy Teigen - Chrissy's account has fast become my favourite on insta. She is raw, honest, and bloody hilarious! Plus her feed is 99% fashion and food so that's cool with me. @chrissyteigen

Girlboss - Okay so this is a totally badass book I bought recently after seeing amazing reviews all over the internet. I can totally see why, Sophia Amoruso writes in such a down-to-earth and engaging way. I absolutely loved the book, and it left me feeling empowered and inspired. Girlboss has it's own insta, which posts inspiring quotes and showcases small businesses and is well worth a follow. @girlboss

Nadia Aboulhosn - Definitely the most hilarious blogger and all round sass queen. Nadia's blog and insta is always so empowering, and her snapchat makes me cry with laughter on a daily basis PLEASE add her. @nadiaaboulhosn

Katie Oldham - Scarphelia has got to be the most beautifully written, and thought-provoking blog I've ever read. Katie makes me question my life (in a good way!) and inspires me to be more adventurous and creative. @scarpheliablog

I would love to add to this list so please let me know if there's any blogs/sites/instas/books you guys take inspiration from! Hope you all have a fantastic NYE and head into 2016 spreading positivity and supporting and inspiring those around you.


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