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Hey lovelies!

Okay so I've left Instagram out of this list because let's face it, we all know Insta is the app of dreams. Not a day goes by where I don't use it, and I've put a little screenshot below of my feed if you're looking for any new accounts to follow! You can find me at paisley.stripes

ASOS // We all know how bloody brilliant ASOS is, but have you tried the app? It has a clean layout and an easy 'save for later' feature. When I have a spare 5 minutes, I love a good flick through and I save all the bits that give me heart eyes (basically everything). Later on when I'm home with my mac I can sit and browse through those products and decide which I want to buy! When a sale starts, the app will also send a notification to your phone so you never miss out. Definitely worth a cheeky little download!

Vinted // I have written a previous post about Vinted here showing off a few of my best items, most of which have now sold, so expect to see an updated post soon! This app has honestly made a massive difference to my life. I used to have Depop but hardly anything sold on there and I ended up spending far more than I was making! I decided to give Vinted a try about 6 months ago, over 150 sales later and I haven't looked back. I've made a really decent amount of extra income just selling things I don't wear anymore. I'm a sucker for buying things in the sales because they're cheap and just going off them, hands up if you're a serial sale shopper?! Not only have I sold lots of things, I've bought lots of bits and swapped some too! The community on Vinted is so lovely and supportive and my favourite part of the app is the forum section. From sharing pics of cute pets, to asking for styling advice, to arranging box swaps, the forums are a great place to meet like-minded people and I was lucky enough to attend a meetup with some proper little lovelies, I've put a picture below! If you're interested in having a little nosey at my bits, my username is paisley.stripes

What are the apps you guys can't live without? I'm always on the lookout for new ones, so please let me know!


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