Vinted: Shop my Wardrobe!!


Just over 7 months ago, I found a selling app which has made such a difference to my life, wardrobe, and bank balance. I had previously used Depop but that ended up being dangerous as I spent waaaay more than I made. I discovered Vinted, decided to give it a shot, and haven't looked back since! It's allowed me to make extra money on top of my student loan and wages, which is always useful. Not only that, but it's allowed me to meet a community of like-minded people. Vinted has a forum section, which is quite possibly the best idea any selling app has ever had! I recently attended a meet-up with 9 girls who use the app, and also Kyla who works at Vinted in Paris! We had a lovely afternoon and I can't wait for the next one. 

Below are my 4 top picks from my current wardrobe on sale..

I am desperate to get my wardrobe space back, so I am always open to offers! I adore doing bundle deals, and I will increase the discount the more items you'd like to buy. All purchases come with a free gift. There are currently 11 items of mine marked with the gift icon, and when you purchase anything of mine, just message me and let me know which item you'd like for free!

Have you got Vinted? Let me know your username and I will check out your wardrobe!


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