How Much is Your Face Worth?


I want to start off this post by saying I am by no means a beauty blogger, or makeup expert. I've found products that seem to work okay for my skin, and all products I use can be bought in drug stores like Superdrug, Boots, or even Asda- I'm all about bargains! I would also like to throw out there that if you are a person who contours, you are an actual living wizard. Honestly, I have NO idea how you do it.

1 - Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - £7.69 @ Superdrug
2 - I Heart Eyebrow Kit - £2.99 @ Superdrug
3 - (Dupe) Naked Eyeshadow Palette - £3.06 @ AliExpress
4 - Soap & Glory Supercat Eyeliner - £6 @ Boots
5 - Seventeen Quick Draw Eye Crayon (from a set) - Discontinued (unsure of price as they were a gift)
6 - Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara - £7.99 @ Superdrug
7 - Maybelline Matte Maker Powder - £3.99 @ Superdrug
8 - Soap & Glory Fabulipstick - Discontinued (but cost £6.99)

As for brushes, I mostly tend to use the brush that comes with the product. For my foundation I use a £2 brush from Wilko, and for my powder a £3.99 kabuki brush from H&M.

Overall the cost of my everyday face comes to £44.70 which compared to some other posts I've seen is really cheap. The bargain hunter within me is feeling kinda proud, ha!

For those of you who are drawn to anything holographic like me, my makeup bag is from ASOS.

Have you worked out the cost of your face? I would love to be nosey so please do link me to your posts!


*Inspiration for this post came from the lovely Serena- you can read her blog here*

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