I Visited // Camden

So last weekend I went to explore a little bit of London with my childhood friend Paige. She's a total whiz on the tube (lucky for me!) and we visited Covent Garden and of course Oxford Street, browsing the 6 floors of Topshop *heart eyes emoji*

My absolute favourite place she took me, which I'd never been to before, was Camden! I was in awe of the creative-looking street and once we got to the market I was in love. The weather was super hot and walking round all day meant drinking lots of water, so please be prepared if you're planning on heading to London anytime soon. When we first got off the tube, we came across these amazing chalk portraits on the pavement, and I just had to get a snap! My artistic talents go about as far as stickmen and year 9 bubble writing, so anything beyond that blows my mind.

There was plenty of amazing food and drink on offer, and nothing was overly expensive! I'm not a fan myself, but the donuts did look p impressive.

If you want a different experience, you should visit Cyberdog. It's a visual treat! Think UV lighting, glow in the dark fixtures, super loud music, and an outer-space feel. The products they sell aren't my sort of thing but I would definitely go again. It's a super interesting place to explore. Plus there's a sex shop in the basement, if that's your sorta thing! You can't take pictures inside and I wasn't feeling particularly rebellious but if you're curious I'm sure Google will provide you with some great photos!

There's sooo many amazing bits to buy in Camden, we found a fab vintage store next to the Cereal Killer Cafe and I had a quick check to see if there were any dungarees. I feel like my search for the *perfect* pair might take me a while longer yet though! Paige and I found some gorgeous rings, and I'm sure mine will no doubt feature on my Instagram v soon.

If you ever get the chance to visit Camden and its unique market, I would definitely recommend it! With the sun shining and the smell of all the food drifting around, I really did feel like I was on holiday. I can't wait to go back!

Have you ever been to Camden? Did I miss any cool spots? Let me know!


Oh, and on a side note: if you've never visited or eaten at Five Guys before, do it. Do it NOW. I had a grilled cheese sandwich and nothing has ever been so worth breaking a no-carb diet for.

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