Summer Nails // Mermaid Theme

Having been an avid nail biter my whole life, going through a period where I have long nails is rare for me. Recently I've been resisting the urge to bite (instead biting on sweets and lots of other junk food- summer diet anyone!?) and as a result have managed to grow my nails a little.

I've tried and tested 4 mermaid-themed nail varnishes, so you guys don't have to waste money on ones that don't quite do the job! At least if I don't have a summer body, I'll have summer nails..

(L-R) Palma Violet // Chrome Green // Pacific // Apple Pie

I LOVE blue, green and purple tones (and anything iridescent!) for summer, they're so reminiscent of the ocean.

Angelica 'Palma Violet' - Primark - £2.50
I actually managed to pick this varnish up for only 50p in Primark around a month ago. I assume the shade is being discontinued due to it being in the sale, but thought this brand of nail varnish was definitely worth a mention! I only needed to give my nails one coat, and it lasted 4 days before chipping. Not bad for 50p! Even at full price, £2.50 is very reasonable for such a good quality nail varnish and when I went in-store, there were countless shades to choose from.

Models Own 'Chrome Green' - Superdrug - £4.99 (3 for 2 offer currently on)
As soon as I saw that the Colour Chrome collection had been released, I knew I wanted to try it out! The packaging is amazing, and I love anything a little bit out of the ordinary. I bought this varnish on a 3 for 2 offer from Superdrug, so it was great value. It only required one coat, and I absolutely love the way it looks! I was expecting it to be slightly greener, the shade comes out very pale olive green and from a distance may just look silver. I still love it though!

Barry M 'Pacific' - Superdrug - £3.99
Iridescent two-tone varnish from the Aquarium Collection. I've had this varnish for a while now, and love it! It does take two coats so won't last as long as other similar products but it gives a great finish and lasts for a few days without chipping. Definitely worth the money!

Models Own 'Apple Pie' - Superdrug - £4.99 (3 for 2 offer currently on)
I bought this shade for the pastel green colour, and not for the fact it is scented. I'm glad it was on offer because I found the varnish to be gloopy, take two coats to cover my nail, and it took ages to dry. It did smell amazing when I first put it on (think sour apple sweets!) but the smell wore off after a couple of hours. The shade is lovely though, so I am on the lookout for a similar shade but possibly from a cheaper brand. I don't feel this varnish is worth its £5 price tag.

Which shades are you loving for Summer 2015?



  1. You have the exact same taste in nail polishes as me aha :). Purples, blues and especially pastel greens suit my skin tone so I'm always reaching for them first.

    Oh and Rimmel do a colour similar to 'Apple Pie', it's one of their salon pro polishes which are amazing, I'd really recommend them.


  2. Haha, I swear we are blogging twins! Yes, pastel greens are the ones I reach for first, always!!

    Thanks for the recommendation hun, going to make a cheeky purchase- I'll let you know what I think :-)



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