I've recently started getting more and more into Pinterest, so thought I'd make a little post to give you an idea of what my boards are made up of! Would love to know your opinions!!

Body Art
From tattoos to piercings to nails, I'm a huge fan of body art in any form. I love the idea of having something you love on your skin permanently! I recently got a tattoo after wanting one for so long, and now I can't wait to get more. I'm also currently in the process of growing my nails, anyone else a prolific nail-biter!? Tips for stopping biting would be greatly appreciated!

For my aesthetics board, I mainly just type in 'holographic' and pin EVERYTHING. I love anything iridescent too, and all things relating to the sea. The art installation using mirrors to refract light is just genius. So simple, but so beautiful.

My love for all things holographic continues into fashion, in case you hadn't noticed! I love anything 60's or 90's, and I'm a serial offender when it comes to stripes. It's a rare day when I'm not wearing some kind of stripes in my outfit! 


My interiors board needs a little bit of attention. There's no common theme running throughout, I love pastels, kitsch, retro, minimalistic.. you name it I love it! As a general rule though, I favour UO and IKEA for interiors. Where do you like to browse home products?

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and please let me know your Pinterest usernames in the comments- would love to check out your boards!


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  1. I used to bite my nails too. The only way I was able to stop was to keep them painted and looking nice (a bit difficult when you've chewed them so short but I persevered). Having gel manicures every now and then work as well.

    Weddings are my Pinterest focus at the mo as I'm getting married next year eeek. Wild flowers all the way :) xx

  2. Hey Kirsty!

    Thanks for your advice, I'm finding that's helped me a little. One of my longer ones broke the other day and now I've bitten them all down because I was so frustrated!!

    Aw wow congrats! I hope you will share some wedding photos on your blog.. would love to have a little nosey :-)


  3. No worries and yep if my nails are all long and I find myself cutting them all right down, It's sooo annoying!

    Thank you lovely, I'm so excited! I want to do posts about it but I don't know where to start. I'm actually going to the wedding venue in two weeks (it's in Italy) so maybe I could do a write up about that :) xx


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