Get To Know Me: 10 Facts

I've been thinking about starting a blog for such a long time, but having followed so many amazing blogging babes, I've never really felt confident enough to join in. I've just decided to take the plunge now, and go for it! Here are 10 facts to help you get to know me..

1. I was born on Valentine's Day
2. My main passions are novelty socks, quirky home decor, and anything Hello Kitty related!
3. My idea of a perfect day out is a trip to IKEA
4. I have heterochromia- my left eye is blue, the right is brown
5. I study psychology with counselling at university
6. It's a rare day when my outfit doesn't involve stripes!
7. I love shopping in charity shops- Getting cool vintage items for bargain prices, whilst also contributing to charity is my idea of ultimate guilt-free shopping!
8. My favourite drink is peach iced tea mixed with Malibu
9. My favourite names for children are: Paisley, Scarlett, Olive & Casper
10. I'm not sure if it was already becoming obvious by now, but I overuse exclamation marks. It's my worst habit when writing (sorry in advance)!!

So there they are, 10 facts about me! This blog will be a mixture of everything, from fashion to art to psychology and I hope you'll enjoy reading it.


P.S. I would love to get to know some bloggers, so if you write an 'about me' post let me know in the comments and I will read them!

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